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North Hill Nurseries

Welcome to North Hill where we have been Growing and Wholesaling high quality plants for over 70 years.

Situated in Surrey with excellent access to the M3, London and the Home Counties, we have become established as one of the foremost wholesale growers for the Landscape and Garden Design Sectors.  With an amazing selection of varieties to choose from, including many of the more unusual ones we are a plant-lovers paradise!

We pride ourselves on both the quality of our plants and our customer service, whilst continuing to provide outstanding value for money. Customer satisfaction is our key aim and with this in mind we are continually developing and adding to the range to accommodate current needs and trends.

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How to Buy

Here at North Hill we offer a variety of buying methods to suit your requirements.

Registered customers are welcome to take advantage of our online enquiry system where you can either collect your order direct from the nursery or we can arrange convenient delivery. The nursery is open to Registered Trade Customers for 'Cash and Carry', perfect for short notice orders and selecting plants that are currently "looking good".


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Tim Batchelor - Tim Does Gardens North Hill Nurseries range of plants and customer service made my planting projects run smoothly. Well done!
Mark Gregory - Landform The fact you can walk around and collect your own plants, which are well labelled and well organised, is just a joy, its a real plantsman nursery, where the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Its a favourite escape for me!
Nic Howard - We Love Plants The knowledgeable, friendly and approachable team ensure that every visit is enjoyable and productive, the nursery is the perfect place to immerse yourself in plant heaven.
Stephen Woodhams - Stephen Woodhams Design Ltd The entire team deliver a great product where all members of staff are helpful and enthusiastic. By supplying lovely plants they have enable us to produce many great planting schemes.

Our History

North Hill has its origins in the late 1940’s when it produced mainly open ground stock and specialised in roses during the 1960’s.

As time has moved on the nursery has evolved, embracing innovations such as containerised growing in the late 1970s. In the early 1980’s the nursery started to extend its range to include herbaceous perennials, shrubs and trees. Over the years, we have continued to expand our range of perennials and have added a wide range of new and interesting species and varieties, offering a comprehensive selection of plants that you will be unlikely to find elsewhere.

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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

As part of an industry that has a positive attitude to the environment we are always looking for ways to help reduce our impact on the planet. To date we have made these changes:

  • North Hill Nurseries have been using 50% peat reduced compost mixes for some time and have been trialling PEAT FREE COMPOST mixes with some success. We will be aiming to further reduce the peat content of our composts so that our own production will be peat free by the end of the 2021 season at the latest.
  • Our own production has been moved over to pots that are able to be recycled at the kerbside. Additionally, these pots are made from at least 98% recycled plastics - even better, these plastics are recovered from the UK and the pots are made in England so their environmental footprint is even lower as they have not been transported internationally.
  • Whilst we still have to use plastic labels to comply with Plant Passporting Requirements these are also recyclable where the facilities to do so exist.
  • All of the plastic, cardboard, paper and metal waste that we produce on site is recycled and the waste compost and plant material (and some shredded wastepaper) is recycled as soil conditioner in our field growing operations.
  • We use advanced controlled release fertilisers to reduce the leaching of nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates into the local watercourses.
  • We collect rainwater and irrigation run off and re-use it on the crops. This has the dual effect of reducing the use of treated mains water as well as allowing the plants another opportunity to recover any leached nutrients.
  • We significantly reduce our chemical pesticide usage by using Integrated Pest Management. This involves using environmental and physical controls along with Biological Controls and Biopesticides before resorting to chemical controls.
  • More efficient delivery planning reducing vehicle emissions.
Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry

Our registered customers are always welcome to visit the nursery and select and collect their requirements. 

This is useful when quality plants are required at short notice and allows you to select from what is currently looking good. To maximise the use of your time you can use our online nursery map to plan your visit before you arrive.